The Collector 15 cover by John G. Fantucchio

Artist: John G. Fantucchio

Description: The Collector #15 cover of Wanda the Scarlett Witch

Date: Apr/May 1969

Notes: Published/Edited by Bill G. Wilson. Cover by John G. Fantucchio featuring his interpretation of Wanda the Scarlet Witch with unique use of zip-a-tone and background photo. Fantucchio contributed art to every issue of The Collector from issue #10 in 1968 until it's final issue, The Collector #29 in 1974. Fantucchio full page inside front cover illo, and full page montage of his "Mysterious Character." Back cover by Ronn Foss, interior art by Ron Green, Terry C. Allen, Alan Hanley, John Weibel, Dave Transue, Bill Schelly, Kurt Luchs, Mike Alroy, James E. Warhola (nephew of Andy Warhol). Articles include: "Unsung Heroes" by Doug Fratz, "Superman on Radio, Screen and TV" by Wilson, "Another Cup of Wine" by Louis Morra. Letters from Bart Bush, Rick Hoberg, Mark Barclay and Robert Kowalsky; 28 pages offset digest size (last digest sized issue).