1969 NYCC Luncheon Photo with ID's

Click on a person's face to link to a larger photo or scroll down down the page further for a Master Key to the identified numbered attendees!
Photo courtesy of Gary Groth

1969 Comic Art Convention Luncheon Photo, July 5, 1969 at the Statler Hilton Hotel

My name is Aaron Caplan and I am attempting to identify each of the attendees of this 1969 NYCC "SeulingCon" Luncheon! I consider this to be a living historical document which will be updated as long as people continue to send me information. So if you can identify/confirm additional attendees, please contact me at aaron(AT)fantucchio(DOT)com or aaron(AT)gsaservice(DOT)com.

If you would like to enlarge portions of the photo, click on a person's face and it will link you to a much enlarged portion of the photo with captions of current positively identified attendees. Or you can download the "mega-file" by clicking HERE for a 14 MB .tif file, without the numbers OR 6 MB version of the photo in .jpg by clicking HERE. Both are high resolution versions of the photo that will allow you to clearly see the faces of most attendees, even those in the back row.

Key to Numbered Attendees:

1. John Verpoorten

2. Stu Schwartzberg

3. Bill Peckmann

4. Jerry Bails

5. Jean Bails

6. Jean Thomas

7. Roy Thomas

8. John Buscema

9. Tom Fagan

10. John Fantucchio

11. Mary Fantucchio

12. Kathy Roberts

13. Charlie Roberts

14. Ellie Greim

15. Martin L. Greim

16. Richard "Grass" Green

17. Arvell Jones

18. Ed Aprill

19. Gil Kane

20. Hal Foster

21. Phil Seuling

22. Carole Seuling

23. John Benson

24. Bill Pearson

25. Howard G. Groth

26. Al Milgrom

27. Joe Sinnott

28. Michelle "Mike" Nolan (directly to the left of the "28")

29. Rich Buckler (directly to the left of the "29")

30. Ron Buckler

31. Woody Gelman (the face directly above the "1" in "31")

32. Greg Theakston

33. Chester Grabowski

34. Joseph Goggin

35. Terry Murray

36. Edwin Murray

37. Bob Lewis

38. Bill Thailing

39. Bill Devine

40. Stan Landman

41. Mark Hanerfeld (Directly behind Stan - just the outline of his head is visible)

42. Eliot Wagner (face partially obscured by Len Wein)

43. Len Wein

44. Ellen Vartanoff

45. Irene Vartanoff

46. Marv Wolfman

47. Pami Texler

48. Dick Giordano

49. Alan Weiss

50. Mary Skrenes

51. Mrs. Don McGregor

52. Don McGregor

53. Sal Trapini

54. Gray Morrow

55. Jerry Weist

56. Angelo Torres

57. Archie Goodwin

58. Al Williamson

59. Tom Long

60. Jeff Jones

61. Gary Brown

62. Greg Potter

63. Jeff Potter

64. Mark Dickson

65. Gary Dolgoff

66. Bill G. Wilson

67. Gary Groth

68. Paul Webb (partially hidden by Gary Via)

69. Gary Via

70. Al Hewetson

71. Pauline Goldberg

72. Stan Goldberg

73. Lamar Blaylock (partially obscured)

74. James Moorhead

75. Craig Dawson

76. Neal Tillotson

77. Tom Watkins

Thanks to all the people who have helped update the "Master Key" to the numbered attendees in this photo. These include Roy Thomas, Michelle Nolan, Bill Schelly, Irene & Ellen Vartanoff, Bob Cosgrove, Glenn Goggin, John Benson, Gary Groth, Alan Weiss, Rich Buckler, Paul Webb, Steven Rowe, Greg Theakston, Sharon Karibian, James Moorhead, Neal Tillotson and a few others that sent in updates that I have lost track of (please send me a note and I will credit you). A special thanks to Gary Groth for the high resolution photo image itself.

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