The Collector 13 cover by John G. Fantucchio

Artist: John G. Fantucchio

Description: The Collector #13 cover

Date: Nov/Dec 1968

Notes: Published/Edited by Bill G. Wilson. Beautiful wraparound cover (full cover not shown) painted by John G. Fantucchio featuring his Mysterious Character flying over the city while the vision of a beautiful lady looks on (on back cover). The original painting is in full color. Fantucchio contributed art to every issue of The Collector from issue #10 in 1968 until it's very last issue, The Collector #29 in 1974. About half of this issue is devoted to Fantucchio with illoes of Superman, "Mysterious Character," Creeper, Hyperman, plus full page illoes of Green Lama, Buster Crabbe/Flash Gordon, and Black Cat. Interview with John G. Fantucchio by Wilson (with photos of John), "Hyperman" strip by Wilson & Fantucchio; hints on how to collect comics by Dwight Decker; News and Views by Bill Wilson; A Childish Look at Comic Heroes by Wilson and Alan Hanley; Hyperman strip by Wilson; and EC Meets Censorship by Tom Christopher; Artists: Martin L. Greim, Kurt Luchs, James Shull, Dave Transue, Gary Robinson, Gordon Flagg Jr, Alan Hanley, Bob Cosgrove. 32 offest pages, digest size. 500 print run.