One of my favorite John G. Fantucchio covers: Fantastic Fanzine #13!

Artist: John G. Fantucchio

Description: Cover of Fantastic Fanzine #13

Date: July 1971

Notes: Published by Gary Groth. A fantastic Fantucchio full color painted cover of his Mysterious Character about to do battle with a gigantic serpent rising out of the horizon. This is one of my favorite Fantucchio covers and seems to be a fan-favorite also. This cover also appeared as a cover on The Washington Post Potomac Magazine, and won a prize with the Art Directors Club of Washington DC! Also includes full page Fantucchio Spiderman homage with Fantucchio article inside (the only article he has ever published, I believe), Fantucchio Bookmark "The Cover Story", and a 6 page portfolio which includes photos of John and Mary Fantucchio at home.