Martin L. Greim's Comic Crusader #4, with cover of Thor by John Fantucchio!

Artist: John G. Fantucchio

Description: Comic Crusader #4

Date: Winter/Dec 1968

Notes: Published/Edited by Martin L. Greim. Thor cover by John Fantucchio, Fantucchio Vulture illo on pg 2 as well as a photo of John & Mary at the July 68 ScarpCon. Fantucchio Spectre illo on page 9. Airboy article by Tom Fagan, Steve Ditko Mr. A contribution, Steranko Con Speach from ScarpCon plus "How I Draw Nick Fury, Steranko full page Nick Fury, Steve Fritz profile, Fandom's Finest article by Bob Cosgrove, "The Defender" strip by MLG. Profusely illoed by Greim. Offset/side-stapled.