2011 Comic-Con Souvenir Program Pg 40-41 featuring John Fantucchio RBCC 57 cover reproduction!

Description: Comic-Con International San Diego 2011 Souvenir Book, pgs 40-41

Date: July 20, 2011

Notes: Bill Schelly wrote a feature article in the 2011 Comic-Con Souvenir Book entitled "The Golden Age of Comic Fanzines." In the article, Schelly reproduces the classic Deadman cover of RBCC (Rocket's Blast Comicollector) #57, which was painted/drawn by John G. Fantucchio. (For a larger view of the Deadman cover of RBCC #57, click HERE.)

In the explanatory caption, Schelly writes about the RBCC:

"One of its distinctions was the covers of hypertalented, utterly original John G. Fantucchio (whose 'day job' was with the CIA). Only Don Newton exceeded the number of covers Fantucchio did for Love's various publications."