Star Studded Comics #2 fanzine

Description: Star Studded Comics #2

Date: Dec 1963 (inside says "mailing date" is Sept 14, 1963)

Notes: Published by The Texas Trio, Story Editor: Larry Herndon, Art Editor: Buddy Saunders, Contributions Editor: Howard Keltner. Color offset cover by Buddy Saunders. The Defender strip: Story by Larry Herndon, Pencils by Grass Green, "inking" by Howard Keltner (traced over Green's pencil's onto a ditto master); Changling strip by Buddy Saunders; Powerman text story with story and art by Howard Keltner; Mercury strip by Buddy Saunders. 32 pgs, Offset cover, the rest printed ditto, side stapled, print run 275.

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