Fantastic Fanzine #11

Description: Fantastic Fanzine #11

Date: 1970 (probably Spring)

Notes: Published by Gary Groth. Front color cover of The Black Condor by Jim Steranko. A 17 page interview with Jim Steranko. A 3 page art folio by Steranko (pencil drawings). Art by Robert Kline including a full page drawing of Gary Groth interviewing Steranko (Groth was only about 16 at the time). A double-page illo by Cockrum of the Thunder Agents. Full page illo by John Fantucchio of Mr. Fantastic. Articles about the art of Jim Steranko. Writers include Gordon Matthews, Bill Cantey, Dwight Decker, Richard Howe, Duffy Vohland, Pat Janson. Lots of early art by Dave Cockrum, plus additional art by Robert Kline, Dave Russell, John Cornell, John Adkins Richardson, Doug Rice, Al Grinage, William Black, Barry Smith, J. Baldwin, Jeff Rinehart, Mike O'Neal, Jay Mike, & others. 52 pages, offset, wrap-around.

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